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Supplying quality critical steel products for projects applications and other end uses
is a dedicated part of STEELCO business. Our main customers in this segment
are steel fabricators, contractors and EPCs and lately, major fork-lift truck
manufacturers in the Greater China markets, following the addition of
special profiles ex Mannstaedt GmbH ( in
STEELCO’s product portfolio in early 2013.
Structural Pipe for River Crossing

In this first order of 20IN pipe supplied to a major International O&G operator’s project in South East Asia, the product was made to full compliance of Client’s own standards and specifications, in grade S355KT0.

Structural Pipe Rack

The picture shows part of a structural pipe rack system for a gas exploration project to which 1.6kt of X52 seamless pipes were supplied for fabrication and pre-assembling in South East Asia.


Oil Rig

2.2kt of API 2W-50/50Z plates went into the fabrication of 2 oil rig jackets (1 shown in picture) for a major oil field in the South Sea.