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Customer Needs
are our top priority in business. We are dedicated to deliver to the finest details called for by our customers and have had an enviable record of performance.
on choice of steels and grades and their availability from competitive sources is provided to meticulous customers who want an extra opinion in their budgetary work.
Supply package
is a typical requirement in projects work. Our experienced projects team has the knowledge and contacts in offering supply packages comprising different product types.
Supply ex stock
is made available through our international network for urgent requirements.
is centrally handled by a dedicated team based in Hong Kong which is tasked and missioned in providing customers with accurate and timely documentation.
in transportation is part of our offer mix. We deliver 95% of our orders by shipping bulk or in containers. In two South East Asian markets, we deliver to site for selective customers.
Quality assurance
by a third party in form of inspecting production processes, endorsement on mills certificates, site testing and re-certification of material are at times required. This is part of our offer mix.
Credit term and projects finance could be made available in association with Steelco's bankers and insurers for the right opportunities.